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It is not uncommon these days to see glass balustrades installed as a pool fence. The reason they are being used as a pool fence is because they have a variety of advantages. One being, they can be installed with relative ease, thus saving valuable time. Secondly, a pool fence made from glass can be a lot more aesthetically pleasing, as their elegant design is a real eye-catcher.

Glass balustrades are an attractive way to form a barrier around your swimming pool. A glass balustrade is usually made of glass panels with a beveled edge to avoid injury when people walk on them. This system is one of the most popular for building pools in the UK.

If you own a pool in Brisbane, you’re probably aware that every Australian pool must be enclosed by a fence to prevent illegal entry by little children.

Pool fence is necessary to keep youngsters safe, but it does not have to be unsightly. A glass balustrade pool fence may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area while also increasing the overall value of your home.

In this post, we’ll look at how to do that.

A. What are Glass Balustrades, exactly?

A glass balustrade is a kind of balustrading that may be used as a fence or a safety barrier. Fully framed, semi-framed, or frameless glass balustrades are available.

Structural glass, tempered glass, safety glass, and textured, curved, solid, or opaque glass may all be used to make them.

It’s becoming more popular as a beautiful alternative to traditional wood, iron, mesh, or aluminum fences. When used as a pool barrier, glass fence offers a number of practical benefits as well as important safety features.

B. Glass Balustrades and Pool Fencing Benefits


ALS Glass Works in Brisbane offers a range of glass balustrades, each with its unique set of advantages. The benefits of using a glass balustrade are listed below.

1. It is risk-free

Anyone with a pool in their backyard knows the necessity of surrounding it with a safety fence, especially if they have little children.

The primary purpose is to keep children safe by preventing them from falling into the pool and drowning. According to the Australian Safety Authorities, children are more at danger in pools that are not safe and secure.

If you currently have a swimming pool or are considering getting one, installing a pool fence is the best safety measure you can put in place to keep your children safe.

Unfortunately, due of the extra expense, many Brisbane homeowners are reluctant to invest in glass pool fences. To be honest, it’s well worth the money, particularly considering how important it is for keeping your family safe.

But don’t panic; ALS Glass Works in Brisbane offers glass pool barriers at a reasonable price.

2. Climbing Over It Is Extremely Difficult

Unlike most traditional pool fence, which has footholds that children may use to assist them climb over, frameless glass pool fencing is entirely flat, making it almost impenetrable to even the most determined little climber.

3. It’s Trustworthy

Glass fences are very long-lasting and will not shatter or break. Tempered glass pool fences, for example, are made of glass that has been heated to above 700 degrees and then rapidly cooled.

Because of this time-consuming procedure, these glass pool gates can resist tremendous pressures. It will not shatter even if it is dropped on concrete. That’s how amazing this is.

4. It Increases Your Home’s Value

Glass fence is more than a decorative addition to your house; it’s an investment that raises the value of your property. Any pool, deck, patio, or terrace becomes an eye-catching focus piece worthy of a lifestyle magazine.

For those looking to purchase and sell homes, glass pool fence is a no-brainer.

It does not obstruct vision or light in any way.

Unlike other kinds of balustrading, a glass balustrade does not impede the view. It will, in fact, make it better. Glass balustrades enable natural light to freely flow across the pool area, creating a feeling of openness rather than constriction within and outside the pool.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your pool’s glass balustrading obstructing your view of what’s going on around you. Other materials may uncomfortably limit your perspective, while this enhances the feeling of openness.

6. It Makes the Most of Your Space

Glass fence creates the appearance of more space by making your yard seem much bigger than it is. As a consequence, it’s an excellent option for homes with little outside space.

Designers and architects may utilize this beautiful, flexible, and one-of-a-kind safety solution.

It’s simple to clean and maintain.

Your glass balustrade will be spotless and glossy with just a few wipes with any professional glass cleaning solution and a clean piece of cloth. Even if the glass is slightly scratched, it may be polished back to its former state.

Other types of balustrading need more care and repair than glass balustrading. You won’t have to be concerned about your glass discoloring again. You also won’t have to re-paint every few years to keep it appearing fresh.

8. It Keeps the Cold Wind at Bay

Consider a glass balustrade to be a glass window; it will allow sunlight to enter your area, keeping it warm while also keeping the air out. This is a wonderful choice if you want to enjoy the view from your pool without being buffeted by the wind.

It’s Made to Last a Lifetime.

Aquaview fences are constructed of marine-grade stainless steel #316 and 12 inch thick tempered safety glass. This makes it six times stronger than regular glass and almost difficult to shatter.

Unlike traditional wood, iron, and mesh fences, glass fences are designed to last a lifetime, making them an excellent investment.

It comes in a variety of layouts, which is number ten.

Glass fence has the added benefit of being adaptable in terms of size and design. Upon request, panels may be cut to almost any size or shape.

They can follow any strategy, even if it involves moderate bends and severe terrain. The fence comes in a variety of styles and finishes to fit your own preferences.

11. It Adds a Sophisticated Touch to Your Home

If you’re going for a contemporary appearance, a glass balustrade will add a touch of sophistication to your home’s décor. Furthermore, the transparent nature of glass will benefit you in terms of keeping all of your design’s key elements visible.

Glass may be readily integrated into virtually any design due to its inherent properties.

12. It has a gate that can be locked.

Children, as well as pets, especially dogs, are naturally curious. Deer, foxes, and other animals may mistake your pool for a pleasant drinking hole, unaware of the danger or depth.

You need a safe barrier as well as a secure and locked entry point. When you use glass balustrades as pool fences, you’ll have a beautiful but safe gate that you can close when the pool isn’t in use or when there’s no adult supervision.

13. It is simple to set up.

Glass fence is easy to install, and most competent Brisbane contractors can do it. With the exception of the equipment required to drill the ground to place the clamps, it does not need highly specialized tools (for example, a core drill for working with concrete or tile).

13. It Supports a Variety of Glass Finishes

A broad variety of ornamental treatments and finishes are possible with modern glass processing. This adds an additional degree of seclusion to your poolside relaxation. The most common finishes are frosted or tinted glass panels, which are applied as part of the glass laminating process.

Designers may select from a wide range of creative glass designs, including vibrant textures and soothing veins. On the other hand, back painted glass is available in hundreds of RAL colors.

14. It Can Be Made to Fit Any Size or Specification

For pool safety, glass balustrades aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. On the other hand, glass panels may be cut and bent to fit any kind of custom design.

Glass fence can be manufactured to suit any swimming pool size due to its flexibility. Regardless of your chosen height, length, or form, there is always a solution.

C. Glass Fencing: Choosing the Right Material


Before making any decisions, narrow your choices. To begin, think about the benefits that your glass fence should provide.

Do you prefer a fence that is hardly visible or one that is designed to provide privacy? A frosted glass barrier is an excellent choice if you want to maintain your privacy. It will shield you from inquisitive eyes and give you peace of mind.

On the other side, clear frameless glass fence is probably the best choice for protecting the pool area while maintaining the views.

Aside from the cost, the safety and quality of the pool fence should be the most essential considerations before installation.

Choose a competent supplier and products that meet the industry’s standards in Brisbane, since the kind of glass used in your pool fence will determine its reliability and durability.

It’s up to you how the fence looks, but it should fit in with the surroundings while still following safety regulations.

Do you enjoy the appearance of glass pool fence but are worried about how well it will withstand stress? It’s worth noting that the majority of safety fences are made of tempered glass.

That implies, as previously stated, the material was heated before being subjected to rapid cooling to toughen it. This method not only increases strength, but it also makes them safer.

If the pool safety barrier does break due to a severe impact, it will fracture and remain linked rather than shattering into dangerous shards of glass.

D. ALS GlassWorks Information

ALS Glassworks specializes in the design and installation of glass balustrades and pool fence. They provide great customer service as well as solutions that are specifically suited to your needs.

They’re also very flexible and willing to work within your budget. Glass pool barriers are offered at a reasonable price from ALS Glass Works.

Last Thoughts

We hope you’ve come to the conclusion that glass balustrades are the finest choice for balconies and pools. They provide you the protection you need without impeding your vision. Furthermore, you will need very little maintenance. All you have to do is clean the window once in a while.

Pool Safety is an important issue in the UK.  As one of the most popular leisure activities in the country, it is necessary to make sure you are keeping your pool safe.  This is important for the safety of both the life of the pool itself and the swimming pool users.  Pool fencing is a key safety measure in keeping your pool safe.  Although steel fences are the most common pool fence, there are many other types of pool fence that are available.  Pool fencing can be used to prevent access to your pool, to stop unauthorized access to your pool area, to prevent unauthorized entry into your pool area or to prevent unauthorized access to your pool.  There are also various types of pool fences. Read more about sliding glass pool gate and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is glass pool fencing worth it?

Glass pool fencing is worth it because it is a durable material that can withstand the elements.

Is glass pool fencing hard to keep clean?

Glass pool fencing is not hard to keep clean. In fact, its pretty easy to clean.

Can I use pool fencing as balustrade?

Yes, you can use pool fencing as balustrade.

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